Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Roy Christopher Notes

  • Roy didn't plan on getting involved in the computer culture, but now he owns four computers
  • Worked for for 10 years
  • The more you know about how something works the better prepared you are. 
  • Self-published his book because he couldn't find a publisher and interview books don't sell well
  • Working on a new book called Medium Picture
  • Hip Hop culture is the blueprint to 21 century culture
  • He believes that the technology of today is inevitable to get into.
  • "Trust the youth." Older generations have a difficult time trusting the younger generations, but they need to trust us because we will turn out just fine. 
  • Self-published an interview book. 
  • Older generations don't trust the youth with new technology
  • Most people that use computers don't do programming 
  • The internet can be both a time saver and a time waster
  • "Program or be programed."

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