Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tools That Change the Way We Think

             Internet/media/technology use changes the way we think by restricting us to only certain opinions. With the filter bubbles and the algorithms used to predict the outcomes we "want" to see, our resources are limited. No person is going to specify their Google search precisely to what they are looking for each and every time. Granted, the filter bubbles are an extreme help to me in most cases; but I am a very open minded person and it would be nice if sometimes I could choose whether or not I am able to get the same results as everyone else. With the use of all of this extremely convienient technology it seems as though technology is yet again making laziness an art. Everything is getting easier and easier these days, and it makes me feel as though i'm not exactly the one doing the work anymore. Sometimes it feels way too easy. I like it, but a lot of times I question whether or not i'm learning as effectively as I would without the technology and having to find it on my own.

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