Monday, October 10, 2011

(Don't) Be Hamlet

Topic: Now that you have mastered the text of "To be, or not to be..." reflect on Hamlet's dilemma and help him make up his mind. Use the text of the play and your own logic to support your own opinion.

             In Hamlet's soliloquy he ponders the differences and consequences in suicide versus killing Claudius to get revenge. In my opinion, suicide should never be worth it. Every single person in the entire world has issues. And somehow, most of those people figure out how to overcome those issues. Whether it is related to relationships, mental problems, physical problems, social problems, etc... People need to actually have some self worth. Hamlet is only thinking of these two options because that is what he feels are his only options. Hamlet could have simply asked Claudius what his reason could have possibly been for killing his father, and quite possibly found it in his heart of stone to forgive him. As for Hamlet's option to kill himself- seriously, what is the point? If Hamlet were to kill himself, it would be the cowardly way out and he will have to go to Hell for something he could have easily tried to fix while still alive. Hamlet seems to be an extremely complicated man of many thoughts. If he were to want my advice on his entire situation, I'd tell him to ditch the girl who causes drama, call out the step-dad on his sins, fix his relationship with Claudius, and then get over it and move on.

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